Benefits of Brian's Compassion Training

  • Retain Staff and Prevent Burnout
  • Fulfill Training Requirements
  • Promote Well-Being of Staff and your Clientele
  • Enhance Gratitude and Compassion at all levels
  • Motivate and Inspire Staff
  • Rekindle and Affirm Staff Career Choice

For your 2-3 hour investment of time and resources in this live lecture/discussion, your employees will experience an attitudinal and behavioral change as to how they treat their patients/consumers, themselves and their co-workers as it relates to health and well-being using gratitude and compassion as the vehicle to deepen and/or re-connect them to their original mission which inspired them to enter the field of service care providing.

The benefit is that your consumers (clients, patients, residents, individuals) receive a higher level of compassion/connection in their interactions with your staff as well as between your team members. Over time, this self-reinforcing, and hence self-perpetuating process becomes an integral aspect of your team’s standard practice.

This paradigm offers a practical, doable, self-rewarding experience that enhances the win-win-win scenario for your staff, your facility and your clientele. Your staff retention will increase as will your employees’ job satisfaction with an obvious benefit to your consumers and their families ultimately resulting in an increase in your bottom line.

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